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A Beginner’s Guide To Class Action Lawsuits

consumer class action lawCurious about consumer class action lawsuits? Below is a legal introduction to the topic. It’s very basic. If you want a more detailed overview of marketing-related class actions, go here. If you’re ready to speak with a qualified attorney, go here.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is when a civil complaint is collectively filed by multiple plaintiffs. In many cases, there can also be multiple defendants.

What types of law firms handle class action lawsuits?

Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit are usually handled by a single law firm, which incurs the cost of litigation, class development, and management. Any licensed legal practice can take on a consumer class action lawsuit — so long as it has the necessary resources.

What is the difference between a consumer class action lawsuit and a mass tort suit?

Mass torts are similar to class actions, except that the plaintiffs are typically represented by different law firms in the former. Mass tort trials happen when separate civil claims, of similar issue, are litigated simultaneously. From a defense point of view, mass torts allow collaboration between separate legal teams.

What characteristics make a good consumer class action law firm?

First and foremost, when pursuing a class action suit, it’s best to find a firm with considerable experience in the area of law under review. For issues involving online marketing, find a practice that focuses on Internet marketing law.

Since class action lawsuits are intricate affairs, attorneys who specialize in consumer class action defense are usually fantastic trial litigators. Micro-attention to detail is required. Class actions also involve a lot of time in front of a judge, pleading. As such, you want a firm that has at least one person who’s a super star in the court room (think Patty Hughes from Damages).

Contact A Law Firm With Consumer Class Action Experience

Do you think you have a viable consumer class action lawsuit involving an Internet law issue? If yes, get in touch with an experienced law firm.

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