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Electronic Data Privacy Legal Concerns

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Sharing Individual Electronic Data Isn’t Always Bad

Sharing statistical data is a legitimate activity. It allows health care professionals to track contagious diseases and research medicinal effectiveness. Public planners and developers use shared statistical data to track population trends and predict future infrastructure needs. Marketing and design professionals use it to determine product demographics and production schedules.

Do We Need An Electronic Data Privacy Law?

Statistical data frequently contains identifying information — raising data privacy concerns. In some cases, digital personalization is desired. For example, shopping or dining preferences allow specific offers or coupons to be directed at consumers likely to value and act on them. But other times, too much data in the hands of the wrong party can be dangerous.

Potential Data Privacy Threat: Insurance Companies

Often, digital data carries information that insurers are not supposed to know prior to making policy decisions. That means it’s possible for insurance companies to inappropriately use healthcare records to deny coverage for individuals with certain genetic profiles. A slippery slope indeed.

Potential Data Privacy Threat: Job Interviews

These days, employers scour job candidates’ social media. Postings made years ago or under unusual circumstances may knock an applicant out of the running. Plus, clues about ethnicity, age, or sexual preference — garnered from profile data — may also be used to discriminate.

Get In Touch With A Lawyer Who Understands Data Privacy Law

If you’re a business in need of a data privacy legal audit, or you’re a person who’s been unfairly treated due to potential inappropriate access to your personal data, get in touch today. Our law firm handles all manners of Internet law issues, including information security cases.

For more information about electronic data privacy, contact an experienced Internet law attorney.

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