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Grooveshark.com Copyright Infringement Lawsuit: Summary, Explanation & Prediction

grooveshark.com copyright infringement lawsuit
Grooveshark.com copyright infringement lawsuit

Want to know more about the Grooveshark.com copyright infringement lawsuit? Then keep reading.

For decades, programmers and music-lovers have tried to establish online file sharing platforms that are impervious to legal harassment. Though copyright restrictions created gigantic obstacles, people kept plugging away at the puzzle – including Grooveshark.com.

The Florida-based company managed to stick around for awhile, but the peer-to-peer site may be collapsing soon.

A group of songwriters and musicians – including Mark Farmer of Grand Funk Railroad fame and “Rhinestone Cowboy” auteur Mark Weiss – have filed suit against Grooveshark. If the online music company loses the case, industry analysts suspect the company’s days may be numbered.

How Grooveshark Works

In short, users post music files to the Grooveshark server and set up play lists to share with other users. For example, if you bought and downloaded Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” and your best friend didn’t, you could upload the song to Grooveshark, and share it with your friend.

Grooveshark.com Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

The lawsuit argues Grooveshark knowingly allows users to download illegal tracks, and is therefore guilty of copyright infringement, contributory infringement and vicarious infringement.

Representatives from Grooveshark have yet to comment on the lawsuit, but their spokespeople have always maintained that Grooveshark does not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The claim is not Grooveshark.com’s first legal tussle; in April, the company settled a suit with EMI music and is currently battling a lawsuit filed by the Universal Music Group — one of the industry’s largest labels.

The Future of Online Music Streaming and Sharing

Grooveshark’s latest lawsuit could be their demise — especially since Spotify has hit U.S. soil.

Spotify, a new online music streaming service, allows users access to a gigantic library of free, popular music — and it’s perfectly legal.


Spotify went directly to the music labels and made deals. The free service features advertisements, and Spotify shares those revenues with the artists and labels. Users can also purchase $5- and $10-dollar, ad-free subscription packages; this revenue is also split between Spotify, labels and artists.

Illegal Downloading Defense Lawyer

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But did you know that not all digital-copying and downloading is illegal?

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