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“Bald” Not Defamatory In South Korea

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A defamation lawsuit in South Korea would surely have had George Costanza atwitter.

Somewhere in TV world, George Costanza is furious with the South Korean Courts. According to the Korean Times, the country’s courts recently acquitted a 30-year-old man on Internet defamation charges. The alleged offense? He used the one word supremely offensive to the follically challenged –“BALD!”

After checking into a hotel in Busan, one Mr. Kim thought he’d relax with a game of Lineage. He must have been feeling feisty that night, because Kim came out of the gate cussing, and called his competitor, “daemeori” — the Korean word for someone who is bald or has very little hair.

Apparently, Kim’s online nemesis wasn’t about to take the “daemeori diss” quietly. The unnamed, offended party promptly filed an online defamation lawsuit alleging that Mr. Kim’s remarks caused considerable damage to his dignity. Officials at the Suwon District Court, however, couldn’t bring themselves to agree with the wounded party. A Korean judge explained:

“It is difficult to say that someone’s social value or reputation has been degraded just because he or she was called bald-headed. If the accused was [sic] ruled guilty, there would be so many cases of individual behavior and remarks that have to be sanctioned.”

The case was thrown out due to lack of merit. In the ruling, the judges also added that the word, “daemeori”, in it of itself, is not derogatory and therefore cannot be considered defamatory.

International Internet Defamation Is On The Rise

The digital soil is fertile breeding ground for new types of Web defamation actions. As a result, Internet defamation lawsuits are queuing up in courts around the world.

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