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Online Business Legal Advice: The Top 4 Things You Need To Know

online business legal advice
A beginners’ guide to doing business online.
Online business is booming. But to ensure the Web works for you, follow the law. Website operators are beholden to certain online regulations. Some of the obligations are contractual, others are statutory. Keep reading for top 4 online business legal advice tips.

Online Business Legal Advice Tip#1: Get A Proper Terms of Service

A website’s “Terms of Service” establishes the most basic relationship between the website and the user. The Terms of Service agreement maps out acceptable use on the part of the user and what the user can expect from the site.

Online Business Legal Advice Tip #2: Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

In addition to the Terms of Service, a website should contain a Disclaimer or Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy must address how you collect and use information even if no information is collected by your business’ website. Therefore, it’s a good idea to post a Privacy Policy on your site even if your site isn’t a commercial one.

Online Business Legal Advice Tip #3: Follow COPPA Laws — STRICTLY!

If your websites obtain information and data from children, seek the services of an experienced internet attorney to make sure your’re in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Online Business Legal Advice Tip #4: If You’re Selling Stuff, Make Sure You Have A Purchase Agreement

If your online business sells products, an appropriately worded “Purchase Agreement” should be posted on the website. The Purchase Agreement should describe your product, the obligations to which the purchaser is agreeing, along with your site’s refund policy, limitations in liability and terms of guarantee.

Contact An Online Business Attorney

With the policies mentioned above, your online business will be standing on firm ground. When drafting policies, an experienced Internet attorney can help you stay on top of the latest changes to laws and regulations.

Want to speak with the attorney about other online business legal advice tips? Get in touch with Kelly / Warner Law today.

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