UK Officials Unhappy With New Google Privacy Rules

Google Privacy PolicyOfficials in the EU are once again speaking out against the latest Google privacy policy. Last time it was the French who publicly aired their displeasure with the new standards, and they asked the company to delay launching the new policy in their country until officials had time to review the possible problems; this time, the halt bell is being clanged in the United Kingdom.

This week, an Internet privacy watchdog group out of the UK voiced concerns that Google’s new policy does not comply with the countries Data Protection Act of 1998 – a fairly strict regulation that outlines the dos-and-don’ts when it comes to the collection and handling of personally identifiable information.

At a recent conference, David Smith, a European Deputy Information Commissioner, explained that the wording in Google’s new policy is “too vague.” Part of the UK’s Data Protection Act makes it illegal to collect information without expressly stating the intended reason for doing so. As such, Viviane Reding – another European official in charge of data security – was a little more cynical in her assessment of Google’s new terms and suggested that Larry Page’s operation was “sneaking away” with user’s data.

Google is working with EU officials in hopes of reaching a workable détente, and is eager to argue that their new Good to Know website, privacy centre and in-product notifications are clear, succinct, and fully explain how the company uses data.

Even still, European policy makers feel that the new policy inadequately incorporates their continent’s so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ statues. To that end, Google claims that since they are only a “conduit” for sharing, they’re exempt from said standard.

With even tighter online privacy laws currently being debated in the European Union, it’s likely we’ll see a lot of back-and-forth between the multi-national governing body and Google for months and months to come. So stay tuned, as the battle could have a significant effect on how operations structure their online business efforts.

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