WB Going After E-Tailers For Copyright Infringement

Talk about a Goliath picking on David. According to reports, mega entertainment conglomerate, Warner Bros., has decided to launch a copyright infringement case against Amazon store operators whom they say are selling unauthorized copies of films and television shows. Specifically, they’re going after e-tailers who are hawking DVDs and BluRays of Harry Potter, Shameless, Boardwalk Empire and Treme.

The WB Suit Against Amazon Retailers Is Basically A Copyright Infringement Case

Basically, the lawsuit that Warner Brothers is waging against these online retailers is an internet copyright issue. The entertainment company is claiming that these re-sellers are unauthorized distributors and therefore in violation of various business and intellectual property regulations.

Suing Re-Sellers Could Be A Copyright Public Relations Nightmare For Warner Brothers

From a public relations perspective, it’s easy to argue that the entertainment conglomerate is making a big mistake. It’s never a swift move to tick off the people who do a lot to promote your products. The few dollars, if that, which Warner Brothers will make if they succeed in suing these Amazon retailers may not negate the publicity (and therefore revenue) that these third party e-tailers naturally generate. After all, the person who buys a Harry Potter movie from an Amazon store may enjoy it so much that they end up buying the books or seeing the next movie in the series or another movie one of the actors participates in. Not to mention that affiliate marketers don’t take kindly to mega-corps trying to intimidate via litigation threats.

Also, this legal action by Warner Brothers brings into question the relationship that many e-tailers enjoy with wholesalers. If this lawsuit comes down in favor of WB, will it then become illegal for wholesalers to sell to e-tailers?

These days, affiliate marketers and Internet retailers have an increasing amount of regulations and laws to worry about. As always, the Dot Com Disclosures (a.k.a., the online marketing regulations bible) are guidelines that every online business person should know and follow. But as of late, new European Union online privacy laws, changing Federal Trade Commission standards, and possible new federal Internet laws are all affecting the online marketing industry.

So, if you are in anyway involved in Internet marketing or online commerce, make sure you cozy up with some of the latest online intellectual property and Internet marketing lawsuits and government activity. It could save you some serious headaches down the line.

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