What Is A BitTorrent? Ask A BitTorrent Lawyer.

Have questions about BitTorrent law? Kelly Warner is here to help.
Have questions about BitTorrent law? Kelly Warner is here to help.

A BitTorrent is a piece of software used to download files off the Internet. With a large base of users worldwide, a large percentage of users in the Internet download use the bit torrent. Furthermore, it is cheaper and faster giving out quality digital experience for users. While downloading files using the bit torrent, you can also distribute some parts. Transferring files with the torrent may be done between multiple users for convenience. You can also download different files in the same page of the torrent. You can, as well, pause and resume your download.

Challenges are normal in every aspect of life. When using the torrent to download, you may encounter some problems—such as power blackouts—and sometimes the Internet server may be slow. This can do great harm, especially if the files are extremely significant. However, these problems may be fixed, if you have a good idea of how to go about it. If your machine has a small memory capacity and the torrent file is too large for the processor, the download speed might slow down. In many torrent services, you have to upload data to have rights to download.

Every torrent user has the right to download any kind of file that he or she wants to use, but there are legal and technical limits. In some cases, some clients tend to abuse their freedom in using the Bit torrent by downloading explicit music, images, and video files. What they might not know is that their activities could be subjected to monitoring by certain government agencies. Some users even go ahead and download copyright protected files, many of which are music and movie files. This is contrary to copyright laws, and the consequences may be dire.
When you are trying to market your talent, and you don’t have much capital, you can use the physical media to distribute your work. The technology can also be used to transfer large files at work.

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