Yahoo!’s Do Not Track Mechanism Announced

Yahoo Provides Do Not Track Tool for Browser Privacy

On Thursday, March 29 Yahoo! announced the imminent release of a new tool to promote privacy during web browsing. The company’s “Do not track” tool will be available this summer, and while few details have been released about its functionality, Yahoo spokespeople are pushing the line that “Yahoo! continues its leadership in privacy innovation while continuing to create the free online services consumers demand that are made possible through advertising.”

How Yahoo!’s New User-Controlled Advertising System Will Work

As far as I can tell from the literature published thus far, the new Yahoo! Do Not Track tool allows users to pick which ads they want to see across websites. The system runs on two Yahoo!-owned advertising systems – Interclick and Right Media.

The ability to control what ads users will see during web browsing means advertisers are more likely to draw customers who would have wanted to see their product in the first place, and it makes the browsing experience itself more enjoyable for the user.

The Do Not Track Browser Wars

Yahoo! is the latest search engine to implement a “do not track” mechanism – and most of the search engines are making a lot of PR noise when they do. Why? Because if the company’s take it upon themselves to institute tracking measures, the less likely it is that the FTC or federal government will pass a universal “Do Not Track” bill – a piece of regulation the major tech companies are adamantly against.

At this point, there’s not much to say about Yahoo!’s foray into Do Not Track, we’ll just have to wait until summer rolls around when the search engine company fully implements the system into standard use.

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